Monday, January 13, 2014

TED Talks: Why 30 is not the new 20

For everyone to hear, especially to the 20-somethings.
För alla att lyssna på, speciellt till 20-någonting åringarna.

Friday, January 3, 2014

No regrets

A new year is official and so many times we decieve ourselves by making new year vows and  commitments. I'm not saying it's bad, actually I think it's great but there is nothing magical with the clock striking 00.00. You probibly noticed that the first morning of the year waking up...
If you won' change your mindset your year nor life will change, it's as simple as that. Your life is the same because your mindset is same.

A new life doesn't come with a new year but with a new mind, so try to stop complaing and by force if you need to, get your act together. I will.

Det nya året är officiellt och så många gånger bedrar vi oss själva genom att göra nyårslöften. Jag säger inte att det är dåligt, tvärtom så tycker jag att det är grymt men det finns inget magiskt med att klockan slår 00.00. Du märke det säkert på årets första morgon när du vaknade...
Om du inte förändrar ditt tankemönster så kommer ditt år eller ditt liv att förändras, så enkelt är det. Ditt liv är detsamma för att ditt tankemönster är detsamma.

Ett nytt liv kommer inte med ett nytt år utan med ett nytt sinne, så försök sluta klaga och om du så måste använda våld, ta dig själv i kragen.Jag kommer att göra det.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Happy Monday!

 I like these M-days...
c'mon, it's the beginning of yet another exciting, full of surprises, challanges and lessons-week.

"Thank you Lord for this new week. Make my heart humble and my ears attentive to what is important and help me to prioritize and live close to Your heart and see people as You see them and love them practically just like you love them."



If you've got Instagram make sure you've got at least a few inspirational folks, with some good stuff to post amongst all whom you folow.  

/ S

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Human Rights and bla, bla, bla...

It is proven that we have enough resources to feed the world. World poverty according to facts doesn't have to exist, the world doesn't lack food supplies.

In Sweden for example, we throw about 56 kg of perfectly edible food per person and year (2011). We humans (in West being in the forefront) have allowed our current financial system to work in such a way where the distribution of the world resources mostly is heading in a one way direction.

The history and the reasons behind why the rich are rich and the poor are poor is brutal and pure madness and there is much more to say about that.
It is nothing else but our passion for greed and lack of passion for our fellow brothers and sister that is causing world poverty. 

"Human rights (..and bla, bla, bla...) in all its glory, but what is

 the point of it if it doesn't apply to everyone?"

Poverty is a human invention and it's sustained and maintaind by humans. So let's stop blaming God for something we have produced. 

It's on us. We need to change our hearts. And if we won't, then we need to stop sympathizing with the poor and oppressed because we really didn't care that much after all.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Heroin Nation

I love documentaries. I love'em, like I really, really LOVE DOCUMENTARIES!!
I love knowledge, I love learning and you could find me using the Wikipedia searching for some funny stuff such as Quicksand, does your whole body really sink if you'd step right into it or how about piranhas, I knew that they ate flesh but there are actually plant-eating pyranus aswell. Like vegetarians :)

This documemtary is called Heroin Nation and it depicts the massiv heorin trade focusing on the U.S where approximitly 1 million people struggle with this addiction. What I love about this doc. particularly is that they show and portray exactly what happens to your brain and body when you inject into your veins. What part of the brain get stimulated, what part of the brain shuts down, for example the centra in our brain that helps us think about the consequences. That's why some can push themselves into doing some crazy things just to get the drug again, and again. Addicts are NOT bad people, it is extremely physiologically connected...enough said. Watch it and educate yourself.

Love Ess!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Friday, September 20, 2013

No matter how small, just keep letting it shine

You will find pain inside a $300 000 house as well as in a $50 dollar house. Pain doesn't have predjudice nor is it selective so it will go visit the crackhouse and pain will go visit the White House. 
Our socio-economical differences, no matter high or low will never be able to make us immune to pain. Some may have more and can hide it better, camouflaging it better, trying to put a coat over it so that no one will notice that you are going through hell, rolling down your sleeve so that no one will see the razor blade scars you in your darkest hour placed there. During the day you may smile towards the world and at night only God knows the thoughts that circulates inside of your mind. 

I just want to let you know that you're not alone and you're most certainly not a freak. Throughout life we all go through hell, more or less and the reason we feel so alone sometimes is because before we step outside of our door in the moring and into the society we put on our 'pokerfaces' and only we know the reality behind it.
What you don't realize is that, that same morning, not all but many hundreds if not thousands of other people in your city that you'll encounter throughout the day just did the same thing before they stepped outside of their doors; they put on their masks as well.
So when you see them you see smiley faces just like yours. But just as you, only God knows what they are going through behind the scenes.

If the 'I am Superwoman/man-mentality' hasn't worked out for you there is no shame in sharing, there is no harm in being a little bit vulnerable towards someone who you trust, know has your complete back, know have your best interest and can help you, you know...being human.
Go ahead and make a change, now that you know how little of ''a freak'' and ''alone'' you really are 

Don't waste your God-given life because of an issue/problem that could have been solved, managed, coped with etc. but never was, ain't that a waste...?
Let you problems build you up instead!



Monday, September 16, 2013

Yves Rocher

Vaycay for the face - autum is secured :)
Purchased a set of facial products from the french Yves Rocher who specializes themselves in products that are more natural, "naturefriendly" and at the same time quite "wallet-friendly" aswell. 

Products I used prior to these was from Mary Kay among others. I must say that they are good, especially their face-peeling from their TimeWise series but they are muuch more pricy. And also the only way you can buy them is by their private skin care consultants you can find online. They focus a lot on the personal face-to-face service which I guess is good and sometimes not at all.
So, now on to my little set. I start off with the cleansing cream, the yellow bottle, after I've removed all of the make-up ofcourse.
Dry the face a bit and then I move on to the face peeling. This particular one, the little yellow tube contains crushed apricot kernels which are quite rough so I do this one only once a week. (Ain't nobody gonna be peeling off their whole face now...)

The little red tube is a cranberry gel face mask, something completly new for me. Don't know how I feel about that one yet. It's suppose to give the face a glow and moist if I got it right. 
Finishing off with the most important item, the moisturizing face cream for dry skin. So it's a "fat" cream that goes perfect with my skin. I love using fat lotions and creams. 
The big beige tube is a repair lotion for extra dry skin containing shea butter, lovely.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Gospel Night Stockholm

It's amazing seeing the churches taking the great commandment seriously, as something completly natural to the christian lifestyle. Södermalmskyrkan in Stockholm have rented the Rock Star arena of Stockholm a.k.a. Globen (what is it, think big right?) for a national outreach with completly free entrance. 
The evening of August 23 has been named Gospel Night and it's gonna be off the hook. The countdown can begin...

The white golf ball - Ericsson Globe

The city and its beautiful suburbs has been bombarded with posters and flyers inviting 12,000 people to attend a free event, and you can see the mark has been set.

Even the garbage bins has been beautifully decorated...

  the suburbs.

The gospel choir rehearsing, gonna be beautiful.
The concert starts at 19.00 but the entrence opens at 17.00.